Best Standing Desks & Converters Reviews

Find the best standing desk for you.


 Top five tips to consider when buying

your stand up desk

1. Desktop Space 

Do you use your desk for computer or paper work?

Do you need single or multiple screens?


 2. Workplace

Do you have multiple workplaces and require a portable desk?

How much space do you have for a desk.


 3. Working Position 

Do you need to adjust the desk automatically to your sitting & standing heights?


 4. Number of desk users 

Do you regularly need to adjust the desk for different people’s heights & needs   


5. Price  

How much can you spend on a desk?




Stand Up Desk Features

Stand up Desks can be all in one or a desk converter which is placed on top of an existing desk.

Sit to Stand Adjustment

Multi Surfaces






Types of Stand Up Desks

Converter or All-In-One Stand up Desk?

Features of Stand Up Desks

Automatic or manual raisers, Keyboard Trays, USB ports.


Which Stand up Desk is right for you?

Already have a desk? Tall or Small? Computer or drafting?

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